She'Man | Mid Night Diary | Ashi Kalim | Women's Day Special

She’Man | Ashi Kalim | Women’s Day Special

Have you heard of Spider-Women
Certainly Not,
You have heard only of
Spider-Man, Bat-Man, Super-Man

If I am not wrong
Let’s meet this She-Man

She gets early as early morning dew
For her regular hyme
She cooks breakfast
Packs lunch
For her kids, hubby & in-laws

But never hunch
with smile in a bunch
She wears a fad jeans
and a TEES

Puts on her shades
She is self- made
Catches a local train
for her office that she never refrains
Does her chores

Hides herself
from male eyes
piercing and prying
Yes, she is still an orthodox

A Pandora Box
You know not
Meanwhile she skips her Lunch
No office outings please

She yells
Runs back
In an auto, on a bus
On a train
Covering her hands
on Thighs

So that it looked wise
wearing a short Mini
Again it’s night

She cooks dinner
For her dear
She hugs her kids
in anticipation

Does their homework
as regular
Do you not think
She is a powerful?

She is iron- deficit
Calcium- deficit creature
Her anxiety pangs
Her sorrow she hangs

In fear she cries
But wipes her tears
and again stands together

She is our very own
next door women
a Daily super-women
A spider-woman
A Bat- woman

Coz she survives oddity
Fights her battles daily
Alone since centuries
She needs just a
standing ovation!!

-Ashi Kalim


Ashi Kalim
Ashi Kalim

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