Rage Rage And OutRage | Ashi Kalim

It’s time for rage
The silence prevails
All are insane
The wicked wolves await
For our region of
Open vein
To delve and lick the pain

It’s time for rage
Rage borne of outrage
With humanity & tenderness
Listening ears & searching eyes
For the Promised Answers
I was assured
Rage, Rage and outrage

Where I stand
I can see hope
I can hear water
Along singing bee’s
Should I be the savour?
Am I alone in this dream?
Shouldn’t there be resistance,
From ivory towers of
Rage, Rage and outrage

Blood in my mud
Fire on sky
My memories fade
With each dying human
Civilisation ending
And it needs my Rage

Rage,Rage and Outrage!!


Ashi Kalim


Ashi Kalim
Ashi Kalim

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