A Plead By BLACK MUSLIM | Mid Night Diary | Ashi Kalim

A Plead By BLACK MUSLIM | Ashi Kalim

If I say
You won’t believe
Coz I’m born to Hate

My epiphany of speech
Now nobody listens
Turmoil I faced
Blooming I came

Inept world set
Tears in my eyes
I am the lesser one
Yes, I am not a terrorist

I am much better soul
Sitting in a camp
You made me Refugee
Here my outcry World

Saw me Rise and Fall
Make me your Brethren
Feel for Me

Yes, I was not a terrorist
No barbarism
I pray
No lynching
I beg
No retrogression
I plead

Let me fly
And be my BREEZE!!


-Ashi Kalim


Ashi Kalim
Ashi Kalim

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