This is Me | Mid Night Diary | Nalini Desai | #UnlockTheEmotion

This is Me | Nalini Desai | #UnlockTheEmotion

My father was a businessman with more than a dozen workers working for him.I was studying Commerce and wanted to pursue law.Later that year he suffered huge loss and he had to wind up his business. I was in the First Year of Law college at K.C College. My Dad wanted me to study further but circumstances made me skip college and look out for a job.

After knocking few doors, I got a decent job which paid me Rs.10000 per month. I started travelling by Local trains, took bus to reach my workplace.Sometimes walked for miles to save few rupees.Never ever I had dreamt that I would experience this. But I was happy that I was helping my family. I started saving money for my college fees as My dad had other things to take care of.

I passed my BGL exams and gradually started earning well. Today I am handling a German Company’s Retail Operations. My Dad is proud of me , he says with his heads up that I am the Lady of the House. I always believed that if you have the will , nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

This is Me…..and I love my life cause I am in it.



-Nalini Desai


Nalini Desai

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