The Munnar Adventure | Mid Night Diary | Nalini Desai | #UnlockTheEmotion

The Munnar Adventure | Nalini Desai | #UnlockTheEmotion

When me and my family decided to go on a vacation , we never thought it would be this adventurous.

My brother stayed back home saying he had his projects coming up so me, mom and dad were set to go and experience Kerala..Gods own country. As we were suppose to board the plane, someone from dads office expired and with that call he was about to cancel the trip..but my mom said its ok..lets have this trip without any man around..that sounded so funny that moment.

Dad was standstill..never in his life did mom leave his side and today it was a new women he was seeing..I was sooper excited.

So we bid farewell and set on our journey,,The Mother-Daughter Duo. We landed in Cochin..and from there we were headed to Munnar. The Driver who had come to receive us was so funny..his english was hindi and we were like only English and Hindi.

The journey takes 4 hrs to reach Munnar from Cochin. He was shocked to see only we both traveling and constantly was adjusting his mirror. After an hour or two his car broke down, it would’nt start…it was dark by that time…and we were scared.

He was like wait till some help arrives…we waited in the annoyed started to was a jungle area..Then a Truck arrived going up towards Munnar..he said since its not safe you can sit behind the truck and i will fix this car and get your luggage in the hotel.

My mom was is quite her weight made it difficult for her to climb..the driver helped her and the workers in the truck pulled her.We got in and just prayed that any how we should reach our hotel. Me and mom were looking at each others faces…thinking to ourselves why is all this happening with us only.

Atlast we reached Cloud 9 Resort and thanked the Truck Driver, checked in and ordered room service. Had a Unexpected Adventure..and went to sleep.

Early morning when we opened the window…..ohh what a sight..Tea Gardens surrounding everywhere.Took a morning Walk in the valley…breathed in fresh air and told ourselves..this moment is gonna make a great memory for both of us.


-Nalini Desai


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