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Dear Sun,

I still remember those mornings when I hated you most when i wasn’t even able to have a full glimpse of you and used to think that why you always try to pierce everyone’s eyes with your enormous light, why you stays there daily above my head, can’t you just take a leave someday and most importantly how you wakes up so early in the aurora but then as the life passed I came across with the greatest truth of galaxy

“Everything changes because it is meant to be changed but you are The Sun and have ultimate capacity to remain same in every new day just to make sure that everything is changing at its best or not”.

You are the only one who gives a fine sense of dawn to me and to the whole world but you are much more then that to me whether for whole world or not. You know what when those golden rays meets my eyes firmly we both seems like being in a deep courtship a ray and a eye adorning every dark night, no matter what happened,no matter how harsh it was no matter how black it was. You paints my imagination with soothing shades of satisfaction.

My sun you are my support system cuddling me with your sunshine and making me realize that how integrally cardinal it is to be that first ray in the life of those who struggles with an unlit dusk and suffocates there.

Thanks for being the source of my prowess, fullness and beyond-ness. I promise to be there more then forever right there at upstairs of my home and greeting you with my wide open arms full of love and will live out in that way repeatedly and rightly.

Slight side of sunshine.


-Vaidehi Sharma


Vaidehi Sharma
Vaidehi Sharma

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