I survived | Mid Night Diary | Janhvi Kapil

I survived | Janhvi Kapil

I survived all the storms you threw my way.
I survived the endless heartbreaks.
I survived my own self, and you.
I survived. I survived. I survived.

So thank you.
For the miseries and pain
For I found my fire within the rain
I found demons playing in heaven

I found my dove, my angels
Changing to ravens
My heart, that once soared
Throughout the blue sky

Now rests,
For I survived the tests
Endlessly went through
Now it sits and thrives

Because sometimes
We see truth without using our eyes
My soul, once quenched
Is now set free,

So, thank you
As I realize the thirst is incomplete
My hands, once bound
Now seek,
Beauty that they once were blind to,
Hazy, unclear, blatant rue

I see sunset in the brightest daylight,
I find faces in the darkest nights,
My flowers, now cold,
Do not live through water,

They inhale the pleasant smoke
And stay alive in quarters
My chest, once happy,
Now constricts in hurt,
But I’m happy, for there is a lesson
In every painful thrust

Love, now yonder
Survives, not in me
Love stays in the dark clouds
And I’m a bird with no wings
It shall wait
So shall I,

But for now, I’m praying for this demise,
Which kills my left emotions
At least for a little while.

I need to get out and live this life.
I need to stay in my rain
When they stay in the sunlight.
I need to close my eyes
At the beauty of the dice

That rolls at a number
I could never achieve
But now,
I know,
To find my own joy,
I am the only one,
Who needs to stay alive.



-Janhvi Kapil


Janhvi Kapil
Janhvi Kapil

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