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GOD vs SHE | The Unsung Writer

God gave us the power to reason;
But right or wrong, she taught me
both of their definitions.

He gave us all intelligence;
But she taught me how to
draw a house with a fence.

He gave us all different visions;
But she made me realize,
Who were real and
who were just illusions.

He gave us all an organ
Of love, a heart;
But the lessons behind her anger,
was such a beautiful art.

May be this world is beautiful
just because of ‘His’ grace;
But the beauty self seems disgraced,
While the mirror sees her face.

May be he was the one
who created us all;
But no doubt,
my mom was the one
who created me,
brick by brick,
Wall by wall…


-The Unsung Writer​


The Unsung Writer​ (Gobind and Kartikey)
The Unsung Writer​ (Gobind and Kartikey)

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