Finding Self | Mid Night Diary | Jasmine Raskoti

Finding Self | Jasmine Raskoti

I have bought a knife today
Sharp, easy to cut and shining.
No wonder what my plan is.

Next to my apartment, there goes a party.
Look at the delicacies they all are having.
But I here, am planning something big.

The dogs are barking
And I don’t know from where I heard the howling.
I am all marinated with cigarette ash
And bathed with the oldest wine.

My hair oiled and muddy
My eyes all red with pain
My legs all waxed.
What if…

I took out all my love letters
That I have written to you.
I twisted them all
And made a tiara out of it.

It has no smell of its own
Just the memories bound on my head.
My mind all soothed by the thoughts
Tells me to take the knife now.

Slowly and with love
I sliced my arm a little
Only to know that
I am no caste inside.


-Jasmine Raskoti


Jasmine Raskoti
Jasmine Raskoti

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