Broken Joy And Worthy Pain | Mid Night Diary | Princi Mishra

Broken Joy And Worthy Pain | Princi Mishra

If our vices don’t leave a rotten taste in our mouth,well….

then we will get addicted to them….

it’s for better that they always bite us back.


Every sinful act must be punished in order to lay a just example

and convey a message that

if everything bad faces justice,

so will every good deed.


If it’s fear that one needs to instill in the heart of fear itself,

it needs to be uglier and scarier in every aspect.


Every act of mercy is your duty not anyone’s debt.

Every act of your cruelty is your cowardice not the others weakness.


The world we live in is indeed a devil’s playground,

but still there resides pure good in some corners waiting to be discovered…

for we humans have a habit of changing at the precipice.


-Princi Mishra


Princi Mishra
Princi Mishra

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