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It’s 3 am
I have officially realized it

It’s 3 am, and my heart is beating
Along with a billion others
Throughout the world
At the same time,
Many must have stopped

It’s 3 am, and I’ve realized sleep
Is important, yes
But so is life, and realizations
And how at this very moment

Some star must be dying to become
A black hole
While some other must be forming
As a delightful new form of life

My heart has a special hurt
Reserved for 3 am,
And feeling scared is a constant
And I’m scared to sleep
And I’m scared to not,

3 am, and I realize
That a fly buzzes on the light
And it doesn’t irritate me as much
As the constant buzz of my heart
It’s going to die,
And so is everyone

3 am, I wish I was crying instead
But here I am, numb
Writing this poem,
It’s silent, so silent
Null void, except for the buzz
I think someone sneezed
I think it was me
I think I should sleep

3 am,
And the universe has given me another reason
To believe
3 am, scared of the morning,
Or the night after,
Or the life after,
I stay here

3 am, I realize in a nano second then,
All of this, all of it
Nothing matters
Except for the second we’re in
Right here, right now

Nothing else,
But this 3 am


-Janhvi Kapil


Janhvi Kapil
Janhvi Kapil

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